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Forklift Accident at Work

Factory accident claim concluded. A worker who has had to have the lower part of her leg amputated after a horrific accident at work has won a six figure personal injury compensation claim against the employer found responsible for her injuries.
The female worker was operating a small forklift truck at her place of work, a factory in York, in April 2007. She had reported a leak in the ceiling which had left water on the floor and cleaning operatives had left a number of water collection bins in the path of factory vehicles. The worker said, "This meant I had to negotiate a chicane of bins and I lost control of the vehicle, which went towards a barrier at the side of the corridor." Her ankle became trapped between the truck and the barrier. Her leg later had to be removed from below the knee. An undisclosed sum of personal injury compensation has now been agreed between the worker and the employer. A spokesperson for the firm said that they had reached an agreement for compensation with the female worker and had worked with the Health and Safety Executive who carried out a full investigation into the accident at work.  He added, "We worked with and supported her extensively throughout this distressing time including undertaking a number of major renovations within her home and providing a rehabilitation counsellor."













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