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Accidents at Work

Accident at Work

These can be extremely complex cases and as such need specialist people to advise you on your claim for compensation. We also understand that many people are unsure of claiming off their employers. We will advise you whether or not we think you have a strong case and how the claim process works. Whether you are an employee, self employed or a contractor working on a site we can advise you.

Claims can be made against employers for failure to provide proper equipment, training or trained co-workers. Your employer needs to make sure you are safe and if not you could be able to claim.

Examples are: -

Defective or dangerous equipment.
Tripping over cables, debris.
Slipping on dangerous surfaces.
Someone else doing a job that injures you.
Asking you to do something you haven't had training for.

These are just some of the examples of accidents at work. Remember an employer is responsible for their premises including the car park and to provide you with a safe place and system of work.














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