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New Cameras Set for the UK

Asset cameras worth £50,000 each should reduce road traffic accidents I am pleased to announce that motorists may soon see a reduction in road traffic accidents caused by excessive speed. I am also pleased to announce that motorists, such as those who ill-advisedly join the Motorists Against Detection group, blindly set against being caught on camera, may soon have an even greater foe than the familiar Gatso speed camera.

I would say that reducing the need for car accident compensation claims, and flowers at the road-side, is a noble goal, but some clearly think not, destroying the cameras by any means necessary. The Gatso camera, with its modest 1950s beginnings as rally driver Maurice Gatsonides' speed monitoring system round track corners, may soon be retired from Britain's roads. Stop – you drivers about to celebrate, let me chill you to the bone with what may come next. I can't help but smile, as I personally think speed cameras are a good idea. You are called to witness the inevitable assent of the Multi-function Asset Camera (MAC). Quake with fear dangerous drivers of Britain and allow me to list the offences it is able to capture.
It can:

•detect speeding motorists
•see drivers who don't have their seatbelts on
•measure distances, to spot tailgaters
•read licence plates
•pick up on drivers with no insurance or tax

That's five different offences – Oh, and did I mention it is able to record all of these things at the same time? Well now you know. The word Asset, used in the new camera's grand title, stands for advanced safety and driver support for essential road transport and hopefully that's what all motorists in Britain will get. Some people might head out to buy some new expanding insulation foam, hammers, matches and black paint to rid the UK of these new road safety cameras, but it will be in vain. The new cameras will be trailer mounted. So, not only will they be very difficult to vandalise but drivers won't know where they are, since they will move about the roads of Britain just like everybody else. You're very welcome to perform some daring jump from your vehicle to the camera's vehicle, in order to try and ruin attempts to protect road users, but I will warn you that it's connected to police computers, and via GPS it will process prosecutions the moment it sees them. Your face will be captured by the camera and though the camera itself may not understand human faces, the police do, and, with all of your car's information recorded, I'm pretty sure you will be caught. Sorry about that. This wonder-camera is being tested in Finland at the moment and is costing the European Commission £7.1 million to fund. When the cameras are finished and ready to roll out onto Europe's roads, it is estimated that each camera will cost £50, 000 – quite a hefty sum. The researchers and developers behind the MAC, hope to see it in use, coupled with a reduction in road traffic accidents, in 2013. Your fingers may not be crossed for their success, but mine certainly are. Good luck MAC, be stronger than your Gatso predecessor.






































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