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Fatal Accidents

Where a loved one is killed in an accident, compensation is the last thing on the mind of the family. Proper representation should not be. We have represented and continue to represent many families who have been touched by bereavement through accidents. We deal with the inquests on behalf of the family, advise the family on the law surrounding prosecutions of the person/persons who have caused the accidents and ultimately advise them on what compensation the family/dependants are entitled to.

Examples of some of the fatal accidents we have dealt with/are dealing with within the last 12 months are listed below:

  • Both parents killed on a motorbike leaving two teenage children being looked after by their grandparents.
  • Car accident killed mother of a two year old who is now being looked after by a member of the motherís family.
  • Motorbike accident where a 17 year old was riding his bike and a car pulled out of a side road killing the rider and seriously injuring the pillion passenger.

  • Car accident where the car lost control and hit a bridge killing a 17 year old passenger in the vehicle.
  • Client on a bicycle and a motorbike lost control of his vehicle hitting the bicycle killing the rider who was married with two children.

Fatal accidents are stressful times for the family without worrying about the legal side of the situation. Our firm are specialists in dealing with all aspects of fatal accidents and we represent the family including at the Coroner's inquest. We have also represented the families in making representation and in meetings with the Crown Prosecution Service over what if any, charges should be brought against the person that has killed their family member.

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