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Head Injury

The brain needs a constant supply of oxygen and glucose in order to generate energy for maintenance of brain function. Also, energy is required for cellular repair and defence against damaging molecules such as oxygen radicals. If the blood flow to the brain is severely hampered by for example a blood clot (stroke), or due to cardiac arrest, energy production by brain cells rapidly stops and processes which can damage the brain are activated.

Recently it has been discovered that brain damage develops more slowly than was previously thought. Scientists now believe it can take weeks to develop, rather than just hours or days after an accident.

Researchers found that when brain cells commit suicide in response to damage, the process goes on for weeks.

One person in the UK suffers a traumatic brain injury every minute, according to the Brain Injury Association.

It estimates brain damage claims more than 20,000 English lives annually.

It says about 200,000 of the British are hospitalised every year as a result of brain injury from accidents such as car crashes and falls.

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