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MRSA Compensation Claim

If you or a loved one have suffered injury through an MRSA infection Injury Law can advise how we can help you claim compensation, with simple and professional advice.

Compensation for MRSA Infections are on a dramatic increase. Injuries range from mild through to severe and to fatal. In fatal cases it may possible for the family to seek damages. Unfortunately death from MRSA is increasingly mentioned on death certificates. It is difficult to accurately estimate the number of cases that could be avoided, but these figures represent a worrying trend.

The government has made it clear it places significant importance of the need to reduce the amount of Hospital acquired infections within the NHS.

Fortunately most of us have excellent experiences of our health providers, occasionally however we find ourselves suffering personal injury due to clinical negligence.

Thousands of claimants seek compensation from the Health Service every year. Hundreds of Millions of pounds are awarded.

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