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Sport Injury

Football Injury

We all know that physical sports carry with them a certain level of risk for those involved. Injuries can sometimes occur that are not preventable and are simply a part of a game. Therefore, a person agreeing to play sports is considered to have consented to this natural level of risk of injury. If an injury occurs that is not part of normal play however, it may be possible to claim damages.

It is not only professional sports people that are entitled to claim compensation when they are injured whilst taking part in a sporting activity.  Anyone who suffers a sports injury, whether taking part on a professional, semi-professional, amateur or recreational basis, should be entitled to claim compensation if someone else is to blame for the incident. For blame to exist, the contact has to be reckless or dangerous and beyond the normal range to be expected in the particular sport. There may be a failure to supervise, referee or umpire the sport or activity.

Sports injuries can occur in a variety of situations, including:

  • Team sports

  • Physical education at school

  • Fitness clubs or gymnasiums

  • Motor sports

  • Exercise classes

  • Physical training in the military

  • Outdoor pursuits (e.g. climbing, horse riding etc.)

  • Winter sports (such as skiing or skating)

  • Athletics

  • Watersports

  • Swimming

  • Motivation and team building exercises

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